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Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Services and Rates
Services & Rates

Services & Rates

Aubrey's Ark is a reliable and trustworthy pet sitting services provider. Since 1990, Aubrey has been providing pet care for family, friends, neighbors and now you!  Aubrey’s Ark will come to your home for pet care visits, WE DO NOT BOARD AT OUR HOME.  Our service area is: Montville, Towaco and portions of Pine Brook. Aubrey’s Ark handles all types of behaviors and breeds!! Aubrey’s Ark has experience with pets who show signs of food aggression, guarding issues, hyper-activity, jumping, pulling on a walk, nipping, dog or stranger aggression, and separation anxiety. If your pet has special medical needs Aubrey’s Ark has the experience to administer medications as prescribed, including experience with syringes.

Our rates are based on basic pet care within Montville Twp, between 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., 365 days per year.  

For more information about Aubrey’s Ark see Our Story and check out our Client Reviews.

Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Services and Rates

Dog Care
Drop-In/ Non Vacation Visits
Visits Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs

Basic Rates
Up to two dogs. Additional charge for extra dogs.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 7.30.46 AM.png

Non-Vacation Care-Drop-In Visits
Up to 2 dogs; Additional $15/extra dog.

Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Services and Rates
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Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Services and Rates

Cats & Critter Care
In-Your-Home As-Needed Visits

Basic Rates

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 7.33.29 AM.png

Included with Dog Care and

Vacation Care Packages
We do not work with Snakes or Spiders.

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 7.41.29 AM.png

Trail Walks

1 Hour Trail Walks for  Your Pup

$50 - Pick Up and Drop Off Included

Going Out Of Town?

Aubrey's Ark provides overnight

care for your pets,

in your home.


Vacation Visits

  • Home Security

  • Bring in the mail  

  • Wash pet dishes   

  • Water house plants (upon request)

  • Bring in trash/recycle cans

  • Bring in packages left by doors

Free Value -Added Services

  Additional Services

$10 daily    Teeth brushing 

$15 daily   Water garden/outdoor plants  

If we have to shovel your walkway or driveway to get to your pet, additional charges may be assessed based on the time it takes to shovel.

Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Services and Rates

Medication Administration

$10 Per Day 

Included with Overnight Care Option

  • Insulin Injections

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

  • Subcutaneous Fluids

  • Pills (with or without pill pockets)

  • Oral Syringes

  • Eye drops

  • Frontline or similar

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