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Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Polices


The client is REQUIRED to provide Aubrey’s Ark with 2 spare keys. It is the clients’ responsibility to get these keys to Aubrey before the start date.  Aubrey’s Ark policies are subject to change.

Payment Policies

Any service performed shall be paid for at the agreed rate. Fees are subject to change; will reflect current rates.

Any services performed shall be paid for at the agreed rate. Client understands this agreement and takes full responsibility for prompt payment. Rates are subject to change; will always reflect our current rates. 


  • For regularly scheduled daily/weekly visits  

    • 100% of the total is due at the end of each week OR the last day of the week’s scheduled visit. 

  • For any vacation care, including overnight care  

  • A 25% non-refundable deposit, of the total care cost, will be charged once the total care cost has been calculated. This will ensure the dates are reserved, and will be put towards the total care cost payment.

    • On the pet sitter’s start date, 50% of the remaining care cost is to be paid. (It’s the client’s discretion to pay the whole total on the start date). 

    • The 25% remaining balance, along with any additional costs incurred during the vacation care, is to be paid within 1 week of the client’s return home. ​

Cancellation, Credit & Refund Policies 

  • Cancellations made within one-hour of pet sitter’s arrival; the full payment is due and expected to be paid promptly.

  • Cancellations for Vacation Care made within 24-hours of the pet sitter’s start date; the client will be charged 25% of the total care cost. This fee is in addition to the already paid 25% non-refundable booking deposit. (This fee is void, only if, the client or pets are too sick to travel, or if hazardous weather prohibits travel). 

  • Vacation Care ending earlier than the booked end date; the total care cost is still due and expected to be paid promptly. 

  • There are no refunds.

  • No change is given. In lieu of the pet sitter giving back change to the client, the client will receive a credit towards future care for that amount. In the event the client will not be using our service any longer, an electronic payment will be paid to the client for the full amount. 

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