Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Overnight and Vacation Visits

In-Your-Home, Overnight Pet Care

Aubrey’s Ark Does Not Board Your Pets .

Aubrey’s Ark comes to your home throughout the day at your customized frequency and visit length of time, and sleep in your home.  


We Ask That You Provide:

  • Clean sheets on the bed

  • Clean towel & wash cloth

  • Clean bathroom to use

  • Cleaned litter box before you leave (if applicable) 

  • Disinfecting wipes or spray left out

  • 50% of the payment is due when service begins. The balance is to be paid upon completion of the service. 

  • There are some times when one or more1 pet sitters are working the daytime visits but only one pet sitter consistently does the sleepover portion. 


  • We do not have a flat fee/per diem rate for our sleepovers, since each request has different start/end times and different levels of pet care. 


  • We include morning and  bedtime as visits, since we are working with your pet(s) during those times.   


  • Generally, we leave in the morning between 7/8 a.m. and are in for the night between 9/10 p.m. 


  • The Overnight Care rate is based upon the Canine Care basic rates per visit + $35 per overnight fee. If you add on more levels of care to your customized request the rate increases in accordance with the rates shown on the Services page. 


  • We do not hang out and live out of your house all day. We have other jobs and our own family to care for while you’re away. If that is the service you’d prefer, it can be discussed and a customized flat fee/per diem rate will be applied.


—> If you choose visits 3x/day, there’s about a 6-7 hour gap between visits (Morning, Midday, Bedtime)


—> If you choose visits 4x/day, there’s about a 4-5 hour gap between visits. (Morning, Midday, Dinner, and Bedtime)