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Aubrey's Ark Pet Sitting Overnight and Vacation Visits

Vacation Care

Pampered Pup Trio


The dog (s) will receive 3-visits per day. Visits are 15-30 minutes each (morning, mid-afternoon, evening).
Pampered Pup Trio
Overnight Care

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 4.10.30 PM.png
Pampered Pup Quartet


The dog (s) will receive 4-visits per day. Visits are 15-30 minutes each (morning, early-afternoon, late-afternoon, evening).
Pampered Pup Quartet
Overnight Care
Lazy Brown Dog

Rates based on up to two (2) dogs. Additional charge for extra dogs.

Choose Your  Plan

Vacation Care Info

Aubrey’s Ark Does Not Board Your Pets .

  • The pet sitter will spend between 15 – 30 minutes each visit throughout the day.  There are times when one or more pet sitters are working with your pets during the daytime visits; however, only one pet sitter will consistently be there for overnight care per the vacation care request.

  • The pets will get exercise, TLC, superior attention, cuddle time, play time, and/or medical care, while in the pet sitter’s loving care. 

  • Client will receive superior home security; giving it that lived-in look. 

  • We ask that you provide: Clean sheets on the bed and clean towels & wash cloth; clean bathroom to use; disinfecting wipes or spray left out; cleaned litter box (if applicable). 

  • The pet sitter will bring in mail and packages, take out and bring in trash and recycle bins, water house plants, light up the home to give it that “lived-in” look, and the client can also opt to have music or television turned on. 

  • Client will receive text updates with pictures or video clips of their pet(s) at their desired frequency. 

  • When the client takes advantage of the overnight care option, any pet care related requests will be included in the cost. (i.e., medications/injections, diaper changes, wee pad changes, accident cleanups, tooth-brushing, pet-taxi service, pet-related errands, and outdoor garden care). 

  • In the event of a pet care medical emergency, there will be an additional charge based on how much time is spent for the duration of their emergency care. 

  • A 25% non-refundable deposit, of the total care cost, will be charged and expected to be paid promptly for all vacation care requests once the total care cost has been calculated. This will ensure the dates are reserved and/or booked. This deposit will be put towards the total care payment. 

  • If client cancels their reservation and/or booking within 24-hours of the pet sitter’s start date, the client will be charged an additional 25% on the total care cost. This fee is void if the client or pet(s) are too sick to travel, or if hazardous weather prohibits their travel. 

  • If the client’s vacation care cancels any remaining care, earlier than the booked end date, the total cost is still charged and expected to be promptly paid.

Aubrey's Ark visits your pets throughout the day, according to which Vacation Care Package is chosen.

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