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This is a visit to your home for any of your pet care needs. Potty break, Exercise walk, yard playtime, and/or a mealtime visit, etc....

Basic Rates (per 15mins visit)
$15          Weekdays 
$20          Weekends
$25          Holidays
$22          Holiday Weekends

Basic Rates (per 30mins visit):
$20           Weekdays 8am-9pm
$25          Weekdays before 8am & after 9pm
$25          Weekends 8am-9pm
$28          Weekends before 8am & after 9pm
$40           Holidays anytime of day (discounted if going 3/+ visits)
$28          Holiday weekends 8am-9pm
$30          Holiday weekends before 8am & after 9pm

$35         60mins weekdays 8am-9pm
$40         60mins weekends 8am-9pm

$50         60mins local dog park (includes the pet taxi fee)

Additional Fees:
$5 per dog, per visit            3 or more dogs that need to be walked
$10 per day                      Administering Medication 
$1 per mile w/ pet              Pet Taxi (daycare, groomer, dog park, non-emergent vet)
$5 each additional 15mins  Extra Time
$5 cancellation fee            Canceling a job after 7pm the night before

No refunds once a job is underway, unless one of the three loopholes listed in the service agreement applies

Discounts can be negotiated if doing more than 2; 60mins visits/day and more than 3; 60mins visits/week. We do not give discount for multiple visits for  15mins & 30mins 
All rates below are based on BASIC pet care needs. 
 Aubrey's Ark will customize each rate once we gain full details of the pet care requests.
Dog Care
We do not board your pets in our homes, we will be sleeping in your home.  Please book as far in advance as possible, as this service books up quickly!

How it works:
Aubrey or a caregiver does visits throughout the day and then will sleepover in your home. (The visit lengths may vary for what your budget allows).  Pictures and/or videos with updates will be sent to you while you're away.  

In an emergency situation your pet taxi trip will not be charged to you, however the time we spend with them while we're with them, will be charged, $10/hr 

Non-emergent pet taxi trips to the vet, groomer, daycare, dog park all get charged $1 per mile driven, plus our time. 

A quote will be provided once Aubrey has all of your pet's care details, dates you'll be away, and how many visits you'd like throughout the day.

Idea of the cost according to a generalized basic schedule:
The rates will coincide with the "Dog Care" visits plus an additional $25 per night for the sleepover itself ($30 per holiday night). The $25/$30 sleepover fee will be discounted after the 3rd night, if you have us sleeping over for 3+ nights

 8am, 12pm, 5pm, 9pm (30 mins @ each visit) and sleepover. On a weeknight the basic cost would be $105/night.

 8am(30mins), 12pm(15mins), 5pm(30mins), 9pm(15mins) and sleepover. On a weeknight the basic cost would be $95/night

 8am(30mins), 2:30pm(30mins), 9pm(15mins) and sleepover. On a weeknight the basic cost would be $80/night

Policy 1: For overnight care that is cancelled within 1 week, 50% of the total due will be charged to you. 

Policy 2: For overnight care requests lasting 8+ days; 10% of the total due is required as a deposit within 1 week of booking the request. This fee will then be deducted from the complete balance due. This fee is non-refundable if the booking is canceled.

Overnight Care  (in your home)
This service has a caregiver coming to your home and picking up the "presents" that your pet has left and discarding them. 
This is a great service to request after the winter snow has melted! 

Leave the Dirty Work to Us!

Aubrey will preview the area to be cleaned and give a quote based on the area's size.

Please pick up after your pets.
*Did you know: Leaving feces on the ground, affects our water supply, and the health of the surrounding environment? By not picking up after your pets, you're creating E-coli farms and other harmful bacteria that leech into our water supply. Don't let the feces dry! 

Poop Scoops
FREE               Bring in your mail  
FREE            Wash your pet's dishes   
FREE              Water house plants 
FREE           Take care of trash/recycle
$15 daily      Water garden/outdoor plants  
$15 daily      Shovel walkways 
$10 daily      Teeth Brushing     
$20             Grocery necessities 

 Add-on services
- These rates are based on households with up to 2 dogs.  

- Rates and Services are subject to change without notice. 

- We reserve the right to decline requests after a meet and greet.

-  Cancellations:
        1) $5 is due if cancelling a visit after 7pm the night 
              before we're scheduled to arrive.
        2) 50% (of the total quote) is due if cancelling an "Overnight
             Care" request within 1 week of our arrival

- The initial meet and greet is FREE. Any time a visit is requested 
   after that there will be a charge reflecting how long we're there.

- KEYS: We require that it is the clients' responsibility to make 2 
   copies and have them ready at the time of the meet and greet.
This service is for those pet owners who would like an Aubrey's Ark caregiver to stay inside the pet owner's home throughout the day for companionship.

This package is best for the pet(s) who have severe separation anxiety or you'd just like the pets to have more attention during the day...  

$12/hr       after the initial 60mins is charged

Holidays ... $18/hr
Weekends ... $15/hr
Holiday weekends ... $18/hr

If medication, involving needles, is needed during this hang out you will be charged $10 on the balance due.


 "Hang out" Package
Cat care visits will vary depending on your cat's personalities and the job details ...

Basic Rates:
$15 (15mins)    Weekdays
$20 (30mins)    Weekdays

$20 (15mins)    Weekends
$25 (30mins)    Weekends

$30 (15mins)    Holidays (only 15mins visits)

$22 (15mins)    Holiday Weekends
$28 (30mins)    Holiday Weekends

Cat Care
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Pine Brook (parts of)

*Please note* We are willing to work outside our service area, for an additional fee & if time allows.
Medications we are able to administer:

Insulin Injections
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Subcutaneous Fluids
Oral Syringes
Pills (with or without pill pockets)
Eye drops
Frontline or similar 

 $10 per day

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Medication Experience
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